Base camp leader at Dalhousie

Volunteering as camp leader
Overwhelming memories of being Base camp leader for over 1312 trekkers at Dalhousie.Each trekker was unique.Each trekkers famous question was “Will I see snow ?” I was there to see them all successfully complete the trek and return back to basecamp. I simply loved listening to them ,when they excitedly shared there  experience at Kalatop,Khajjiar and Mangla. There was a change in the way they looked and spoke now.They all discovered the hidden CHAMPION inside them.

You report as strangers,and after you eat ,sleep, dance ,sing and trek as a single group.You return back home as lifelong friends.

YHAI Base Camp Dalhousie : Winter trek 2014 Dec to 2015 Jan

Last group flagged off trek from base camp
Returning trekkers given the warrior certificate
The morning laughing exercise session 🙂

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