50 days of Inspiration : Part 3

Continued from 50 days of  Inspiration : Part 2

One of my favorite part of the day was when I used to see trekkers watch these views with awe and they had a certain look in their eyes when beholding nature in it’s glory,they had completely forgotten how far they had walked,how tired they are, they were just one with nature then at that moment. 🙂

Civilization used to peep in every now and then, a jet flying past our camp

Dr.Gaurav,Gaurang and me

Camp Head Cook
Trekker’s group back massage 🙂

Nauya Tapru Kitchen staff

I remember a trekker describing to me how she almost had tears spilling out looking at the beauty around and how it made her feel inside.An amazing memory to cherish.

These Mules did bring all our camp equipment tents and kitchen equipment from Rumsu village.

Trekkers learning to live out of their comfort zones,yet I can safely say this trek was one of the precious memories they will cherish.

Character :

This group had arrived 6 hrs later than the latest so far.Needless to say I was worried.11 blind boys from Ahmedabad were a part of this group.As we rushed to help them reach the camp,i was surprised to find the first arrivals among the group to be the blind trekkers.They were faster than the rest of the group!I was encouraging, them about not to worry and that they have almost arrived.They stunned me by reassuring me in return ,that I shouldn’t worry about them and I should help the trekkers of their group who are still way behind.They went on to wait there outside the camp in deep snow in freezing cold until the last trekker of their group arrived 2hrs later.I felt humble in their presence.

11 Blind trekkers receiving their Certificate upon successful completing the trek

Guides and staff

There were many such instances which kept me feeling grateful daily for this chance to serve as campleader.
I was part of a dream team of campleaders like my best trek buddy Gaurang, the incredible base camp team of Jignesh, Rajneesh ,Monica and Bindya at base camp.  Camp leaders serving at higher camps like Mr.Vijay ,Mr.Ravinder ,Mr.Dhawal and Mr.Bhuvan.

Amazing Team work by these  Senior Campleaders
The only other camp leader from  Bangalore Mr. Bhuvan
Trekkers amazing spirit

Anybody feeling hungry 🙂

I was fortunate to be guided by two incredible field director,Mr.Sagar and Mr.Chauhan ,both are simply awe inspiring, if you think about the variety of issues and management challenges they had handled daily and that too always smiling.My thanks to Navin Tiwari sir who supported me so much from basecamp.Thank you to the almost 2000 trekkers for making such an experience possible for me.Each of you will always be a precious warrior in my book.Hope to meet you again in the midst of nature.


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