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Hi,my name is… you guessed it? 🙂 Hitesh Kumar

I am an Adventure Tourism Specialist,in India.I have been diagnosed with a serious case of the  adventure spirit 🙂 The alluring combination of nature and risk is simply irresistible for me.This spirit of adventure has driven me to mountaineering,skiing,kayaking,sailing and a whole lot of other craziness.

This website is about insights into a young Indian’s mindscape : I will be blogging about the most unique thing on the planet for me ……..my life 🙂 ,sharing the challenges faced in our daily lives,the decisions we make,the company we keep,jokes we share,the things we read,the movies we watch,the mistakes made,the corrections planned,the inspirations we look upto and the ambition driving us.

Engaging online with like minded people is my passion.I would love to connect with you on other social networking platforms. Here are a couple of clickable links to help us connect.

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Thank you for visiting 🙂
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