• I have the generations before me to thank for preserving nature,in a way that I could fall in love with it.
    NUMBER WHO HAVE EVER BEEN BORN 107,602,707,791
    World population in mid-2011   6,987,000,000

  •  Thank you for that lake next to my house ,it’s breeze invigorates me ,the birds around it are like little surprise gifts , I try to absorb it’s colors and shape in an attempt to recognize it’s name in a birdwatchers book.The play of what seems like  painted colors ,during sunrise and sunset on the cool blue water.

  • The dynamic living nature of water ,visible in those waves criss crossing each other playing with the breeze and that sudden duck surfacing above water just to say “Hi” .

  • Thank you nature for that moment during  a trek among goa’s beaches that I chanced upon the sight of flying fish as, they soared in the air and landed back into water that sheer height of the flight path and watching it from the seashore . I remember hurriedly calling my trek buddies and as we let out ooh my god look at that in exclamation ,I was secretly proud of having noticed that wonder first.

  • Thank you to the people alive on the planet right now, who nurture and care for nature ,and educate us by example to conserve this gift.

  • Nature itself ,the greenery ,the trees,the sheer variety ,the spectacular arrangement of shapes ,colors in a infinite number of combinations.it’s almost like a heart totally free and expressing itself.

  • The people who put knowledge of nature in my hands ,it’s name.it’s life and put into a relate-able context for me to grasp it’s impact.National  Geographic,Discovery, etc.

    Caribou migration , from the Oil and the Caribou series by Subhankar Banerjee

    Photographer Dave Kan

    Photographer  Joel Spooner
  • Thank you photographers,movie makers for letting your heart capture and express nature’s gems.  Top 10 Most Influential Nature Photographers of All-Time

  • Thank you to those authors whose stories,describing adventures in wild nature touched my heart first as a child and does even now. Enid blyton’s Famous five series, Tintin.Thank you Amar chitra katha’s comic book Tinkle in which animals characters talked,and though it doesn’t seem much, it was a huge leap for me in relating to animals as not only wild creatures,but also ones that feel emotions.

  • Thank you for lyricist for penning down those songs glorifying nature and singers for filling it with a melody,accompanied by heart felt music. First song which made me stare awestruck was Ye haseen wadiya ,ye khula aasman song. Music: A.R Rehman  Movie:Roja 

    I realized while writing this I never knew who wrote that song ?! Thanks google for answering ,It was P.K Mishra , He happened to pen down the lyrics for my other favorites too.

      *  Which song made you think of nature most,let me know in your  comments ?

  • Thank you Dad,mom and my sister who let me pursue a career in Adventure tourism which brought me in such close contact with nature.

    Kemmangundi trek
  • Thanks Daddy for sending me on my first trek.It was to Kemmangundi in karnataka.that first joy and wonder i felt when in midst of dense jungle was deep. That thrill of running around during a bee attack.Thank you Karnataka Mountaineering Association for arranging that awesome experience.
  • Thank you YHAI for my first Himalayan trip,the Sar pass trek .That feeling of touching snow for the first time.The joy of one’s first snow fight.Thank you Advyth (my college pal)for accompanying me on my first Himalayan trek.It was easier to do the trek ,knowing that there was someone as crazy as me,who doesn’t think twice about abandoning city comforts in exchange for a chance to touch Himalayan snow.
  • Thank you my geography teacher for attempting to fill our hearts and minds with wonder for nature ,the sheer scale of the dynamic systems at play in our planet.


  • For those volcanoes.it touches a raw nerve inside me to watch one in action.as if it was a tapping into a similar emotion in me.Watching that molten lava flow makes me wonder about earth’s depths.

  • That Eagle that soared above my recent Himalayan trek camp, did it know we watched it circle us in awe. It’s feathers ,the different shades mixed in the right combination for us to behold.making us wonder about flight and inner child sensing as it turns ,the graceful path it is going to cut above the Snow capped peaks.

        Gratitude and the Brain by Sri Bhagavan : Oneness University

    Thank you Oneness University for those teachings ,that made me appreciate gratitude enough to write 
    this blog post.






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