I have found myself time and again,not thankful and not happy with my lot in life.Until I chance upon somebody rejoicing in gratitude.That too for something I had taken as granted in my life .

These are some things I am sure each of us have overlooked as precious gifts ,and our hearts haven’t expressed thanks for it …yet.

Recently ,it just came to pass that I woke up thirsty,power cut in morning so the water purifier in kitchen was off.I don’t drink cold water in the fridge,so I rummaged through other bottles,frantically .I thought I could drink a tanker full ,If I could get my hands on some water.At last there I saw a bottle with a trickle of water left in it.Just enough to moisten the parched throat.I tilted the bottle and let the glory flow down my tongue.I felt so cool and refreshed and it occurred to me then and there.I have never been thankful for abundant water in my life.For nature itself for creating such a rejuvenating drink.

 Here’s a look at those people on our planet, wherein they keep looking and waiting for water.It’s a significant part of their waking life, each day, life long.

Please note the point is to express thanks,heartfelt.Thanks for the systems set up by the government to provide access to safe drinking water.Thank you to those people involved in the work to give people access to it.Thanks to those practices lived by people which preserve water.Thanks to my parents who always provided and nurtured a abundant lifestyle for us.We were blissfully unaware of water shortage elsewhere.

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