Early morning beauty of Rachenahalli Lake

Rachenahalli lake
 BEEP BEEP BEEP  rang my cellphone alarm, reached for it in a daze and tumbled out of my bed to look out of my window.Early dawn light had just began to filter into my day . You could feel a calm cool breeze in th air.I thought to myself ” this is a good morning to go for a long walk”, might get scorching Indian summer hot later in the day”. Slipped in to sneakers grabbed a camera to capture the sunrise and strolled along to Rachenahalli Lake near my home.

There were many other early risers ,they all looked more committed to health as they huffed and puffed along on their morning jogs. As I reached the lake I knew setting off so early on a walk,rather than stay at home was a well rewarded choice.

The views were heart touching and the park setup nearby is well maintained and strewn with beautiful flowers. I could spy some aquatic birds like ducks and other species which I am now determined to identify (exact species name). My birdwatching had a surprise in store as this beautiful bird perched on a lamp post. 

I was stunned by its looks and hurriedly pulled camera to take a pic. the pics I got were not of a superb quality because I didn’t have time to  adjust tot he right camera settings. My brief look at this bird ,made me grateful for the efforts being put, to preserve the lake and it’s beauty. When I returned back home, I had a glowing, satisfied feeling of how the day had started,with a beautiful lake and birds and greenery. Ready now for what the day brings to me 🙂
Thank you reader, for your time.

Rachenahalli Lake

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