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The Impossible : Movie review

The Impossible

True story of a family after tsunami hit them while they were vacationing.

This movie surprises you in many different ways.First surprise what would you expect a movie about the devastating tsunami to feel like? gloomy and a lot of screaming involved right.Wrong ! It’s the strength of emotional bonds in family which shines through radiantly here.Some scenes show such overhwhelming gratitude,that you can’t help but recollect and feel a wave of thankfulness for people who have helped you in trying times.What do hollywood movies in a disaster scenario have,that one action hero who save the day right? Wrong ! 🙂 🙂 It’s refreshing to notice how the family itself is the hero here,each member doing their own thing,going out of their way to bring the family together.Some simple lessons of reaching out and helping someone passed on by a mom to her son are so strong, that it leaves you feeling refreshed.I realise in the daily grind we tend to look away from these simple yet deeply profound qualities which are uncovered and put on the screen for you to soak  in ,fully absorb in and feel rejuvenated.

I wouldn’t want to spoil the movie for you,Just watch it and watch it with your family,my wish for this week.

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