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3 Video games that teaches us about Sustainability

Video games have become ingrained in popular culture. They’ve shown to be a storytelling tool capable of raising awareness and encouraging us to change our own reality. We are better thanks to their more complex visuals and technology.

You probably don’t think about sustainability when you think of video games. You probably think of classic Nintendo games like Mario and Zelda. Perhaps you like to play MMOs like World of Warcraft and Elder Scrolls Online.

However, are you aware that many survival-based simulation games include sustainability-themed gameplay?

Example is locating a sustainable source of food for yourself or a green source of energy for your communities.

Video games, like films, convey tales through a screen and characters. The realm of video games, on the other hand, has the benefit of being interactive. Players make decisions that have ramifications in the scenarios they find themselves in. Would you save the world if you had the chance?

So, we have 3 video games which will make you aware about sustainability.

Video games on Sustainability

Video Games about Sustainability


Eco is a large-scale settlement-building and survival game that is presently available on Steam in Early Access. The name of the game is Eco: Protecting the ecosystem.

Similar to previous survival games, you must construct a society utilising the resources available to you. But the catch is that your actions may harm or even destroy the environment. Cutting down too many trees may devastate animal habitats, polluting rivers or the ocean. The garbage has an impact on agriculture, and a disturbance in one part of the ecosystem can have ramifications in other parts of the world.

You can reduce the garbage in the game, but what about e-waste in your home?

We have a solution. Here are some E-waste management organizations which can take care of your e-waste.

Not only that, but you may run your own government. With this government you can propose laws restricting or permitting environmentally harmful activities.

The objective of the game, much as in real life, should be to conserve the environment as much as possible.  But the key thing also is advancing civilization. Oh, and by the way, the world is about to be destroyed by a meteor. Now it’s up to your civilization to preserve it… or perish in the process.



Want to know an interesting fact?

The US Department of Education has contributed to the development of this game. Strange Loop Games, the game’s creators, presently provide a purchase option for the entire school. This has allowed them to simply integrate the game into the curriculum.

Although not all survival games are directly focused on the concept of sustainability. Neither are they as strongly focused on the environment as Eco. Most survival games have an underlying theme of building a self-sufficient colony without depleting natural resources.

These survival games teach the balancing task of development and conservation in a less overt manner. There are fewer animals to hunt and fewer plants or herbs to harvest without trees. But there is more space for farms and dwellings. However, without fields or dwellings, you and your colony may not make it through the first winter. And believe me when I say that winter is on its way.

Now by playing the game you can be aware of saving nature. But what about your contribution?

Grab these eco friendly bamboo mouse, to save Nature.


Some survival games are so unique that the sustainability themes are hidden behind the general appeal of the game. For example, we have a piece called Raft that is a direct reference to the present situation of the world’s oceans. Another game under Early Access on Steam is Raft.

In Raft, you play as a little kid with a plastic hook and a driftwood raft. Your objective is to cast your hook and reel in the catch! Resources might be scarce at times. But they will float past as you sail (or paddle) over the vast ocean. But be cautious! If you fall into the ocean, a shark surrounds your raft and will swiftly bite you.

You’ll need to divide your time between fishing for food, gathering materials, and constructing your raft. You’ll want to keep an eye on the shark since she’ll attack your raft from time to time. It will damage your raft (and anything on it) if you don’t get rid of her quickly enough.

So, don’t forget to play the game.

But you want to stop the damage of nature, right?

Grab these adjustable bamboo table, which will help you to save nature.

Aven Colony

Aven Colony is a science fiction settlement building game. It’s objective is to create a prosperous, self-sustaining human colony on a distant alien planet. Each campaign level adds a new objective. But you always start with something: a tiny food and water storage unit, a solar panel or two, some nanites and a few colonists.

Apart from the fact that you’re in space, the last frontier. It sets this game apart is that you may only use “green” energy sources: wind, solar, or geothermal. You may also implement regulations to help your colony run smoothly.

Aven Colony Video Game

You may restrict your colonists’ access to food and water, as well as monitor their energy use. But this comes at a cost to their independence and morale. Remember that the colony has elections every few years, and it’s critical that you don’t lose your job. So keeping the colonists happy is just as vital as controlling the food and water supplies.

Yes, you can monitor your colonist’s energy use. But what about your real energy usage?

Grab these protector universal sockets to reduce your energy use. And of course, to help nature.

However, because everything you create in this game must be made of nanites. You must first build mines to acquire the materials needed to make these tiny building blocks. Mines (along with virtually every other structure in the game) produce pollution, which is assessed by air quality.

To counteract air pollution, you must construct air filters, otherwise your colonists will begin to complain. If you do nothing, you will have a protest on your hands! No one wants to breathe unclean air, as you might imagine.

These are only a few instances of important Video Games about Sustainability topics. Did we leave any of your favourite green-themed games off the list? Please let us know in the comments!


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