Packing for a trip

How to pack ?


So you have all the things ,double checked from the list and laid out in front of you.Now let’s pack intelligently.


1.Keep everything dry,in case of rains .Put a huge plastic bag in your backpack,then everything else in.If the lining is orange, it can be used to signal an emergency. 
2. Buy small sachets of your toiletries,like shampoo,toothpaste,conditioner etc. Why carry a huge bottle of it,which would last you atleast 2 months for a week long trip.There are things which aren?t sold in sachet packs ,for those items ,try this trick to minimize weight.

3.There is nothing worse than opening up your checked baggage to find that your liquids have leaked all over your clothing.Put plastic wrap over the top of bottles to keep them from leaking.For extra protection ,put the liquids in a ziplock  plastic bag.


4.Roll don?t fold to decrease size and wrinkles


5.Use binders to help keep your earphones untangled.


6.Use a shower cap to cover the bottoms of your shoes to keep dirt and sand off your clothes while packing.


7.You can use a soap case to protect your camera while packing.

8.Use an old sunglasses/Eyeglasses case case to store charger cables ,earphone etc.
9.Save space by creating a makeshift speaker for your Phone using a cup


10.Use a clip to protect your razor blade

11.Keep your TP dry in a CD spindle or better save space , take the tube out and flatten the toilet paper. Keep it in a plastic bag instead.


12. Carry all you cosmetics in one simple easy to carry kit 

 Travel cosmetic bag has multiple compartments to store in your toiletries and cosmetics.You just need to hang your neatly arranged hanging toiletry bag as you like, with the hook inside and you can close the zipper when done. Ideal Gift for all who love organized living. Toiletry kit case is great for home and travel.The portable travel bag has 1 Hanging hook, 1 Zippered Hang Pocket, 1 Zippered Hang Mesh Pocket, 1 Pocket and a removable mesh pocket with 2 compartments


Material: Nylon + Mesh, Size: 23cm x 23cm x 10cm, Weight: 116gm

13.Go over your, things to bring list. Make sure you didn’t forget anything.



Many of us find solace in reading books.Reading about other explorer’s adventures is especially amazing when on a trek yourself.
I carry my lightweight kindle with weeks of Battery life for all my travels.

15.How to pack a Backpack.

Do not overload yourself.   Ensure your pack is well balanced and positioned as close to your body’s centre of gravity as possible .  Pack spare clothing in waterproof bags.  Do not pack sharp objects close to your back.  Ensure that waterproof & warm garments are easily accessible.  Pack the side pockets before the main body.  Ensure the following can be reached instantly: First aid kit, waterproof poncho, ,survival bag, whistle, torch, compass/GPS, map, water bottle, cell phone.If the pack isn’t too full, use the compression straps to hold the load tightly and prevent back sway, reducing fatigue

YHAI provides a rucksack,however if you prefer your own,
here are 2 recommendations for you.

A weight check of all backpacks would be done,before you start trekking at base camp.
Be prepared to pack a little less than others,since the weight of these backpacks,will be more than what YHAI backpacks weigh.




These are other guides written to give you a complete understanding.Happy reading 🙂

How to pack these things and get fit for a trek?



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Fit and Happy trek
 YHAI  treks are designed to be easy to intermediate.However,please take long walks regularly before coming for a trek. You will enjoy it much more, when you’re prepared for addition to walking ,you could try these
 7 Ways To Get Fit For Hiking In Just 10 Minutes A Day 
7 Ways To Get Fit For Hiking In Just 10 Minutes A Day – See more at:
7 Ways To Get Fit For Hiking In Just 10 Minutes A Day – See more at:
7 Ways To Get Fit For Hiking In Just 10 Minutes A Day – See more at:

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