Inspired Australian woman kayaks the world?s seas

Kayaking the world seas

Inspired Australian woman kayaks the world?s seas


Sandy Robson, an Australian sea kayaker follows the footsteps or shall we say paddle strokes ,of an inspiring German kayaker Oskar Speck. She has covered a mind boggling 2742 km with an average of 44.23 KM/day


Image courtesy (The HINDU newspaper)
Sandy Robson 2014 Arrives at Gopalpur on sea in Odisha
Oskar speck in his kayak 1932 (Photo Courtesy of the Australian Maritime Museum)

The year is 1932 and aged 25, German kayaker Oskar Speck took the bus to the Danube River in Ulm, Germany. He set up his folding kayak named Sonnenschein (Sunshine) and paddled down the Donau with the intention to travel to Cyprus. When Oskar did eventually reach Cyprus he set his sights on Australia as an ambitious destination.

Seven years, three kayaks and 50 000km later, Oskar landed in Australian waters .This has to be one of the most amazing kayak journeys of all time and was probably the first folding kayak to arrive in Australia. Read more about Oskar Speck .


Sandy Robson an outdoor education leader is retracing the route Oskar took.


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Sandy?s inspiring words for Desi adventurers especially women

Nature puts on the show – you just need to paddle your kayak to the front row… If you?re out there enough and in the right places, you will get spy hopped by a whale, you will lose count of the turtles you see, and you might be surprised by a sunbaking sea snake, a snoozing penguin or a sea lion demanding your catch. Be inspired, conquer your fears and get out there in a sea kayak – and don?t think I haven?t noticed the lack of women out there on the water. If I can do it, you can do it too.

Indian coast guard assisting and escorting Sandy Robson (Photo courtesy )
(Photo courtesy )

She has been supported by the Indian Coast guard ,Police and other Desi adventurers of India during her stay on the mainland and while kayaking the Indian territorial waters.Among her other laurels one of the especially inspiring achievement is ?

*** World Record – First Person to Circumnavigate Sri Lanka by Kayak ***
(Photo courtesy )
All set to go on the next part of her kayak trip

From Gopalpur she will make her way to Chilika Lake. From the Indian coast she plans to move out towards the Bangladesh and Myanmar coast to continue her expedition.


Desi Adventurers salutes her spirit and wishes her bon voyage across the seas. She just proves that if you have passion to dream an adventure ,you can plan and do it. She has just smiled and faced challenges her adventure like perception towards women, expedition finances challenges and logistics to live the dream.We wish women Desi Adventurers reading this the best.


Sandy pampers those expert kayaker hands to a touch of Indian mehendi beauty

You can donate to support her at
If you have any contacts or local information that may help her for ANDHRA PRADESH, WEST BENGAL or SRI LANKA part of the trip ,then please email
Desi adventurers could always use your encouraging push towards their adventure.Lets us know about other such adventures which would inspire Desi Adventurers like you.

If you can?t help picturing yourself in a similar kayaking adventure while reading this,then we have our best recommended books for your sea kayaking adventure.


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