Corona : An opportunity to become a better traveler

We find ourselves during a historic moment in the span of humanity.We would probably never, collectively as a species ,come across such a situation as this pandemic.

Our “normal” has changed.This in itself brings a phenomenal opportunity for us,the tribe of travelers.It’s a opportunity that presents itself only to those who dare step back and look at the bigger picture.Let’s step back and look at it.

What motivates our travel ? As a famous mountaineer once answered “Because it’s there”

This question reminds me of Brad Pitt’s character in “Seven years in Tibet”.When asked “Why do you climb?” by His Holiness The Dalai Lama.He answers “When you are climbing ,your mind is clear.You are free of all confusions,you have focus.Suddenly the light sharper,sounds are richer and you are filled with the deep powerful presence of life.”

He doesn’t stop there,if you watch the movie,he goes on to say something more profound.I have only felt like that (experience of climbing) one other time….. In your presence (His Holiness The Dalai Lama)

These times of lockdown provide us with that opportunity. The opportunity to experience and enjoy life ,wherever you are, indoors or outdoors.Rekindle your spirit of travel,today if you learn to travel from one beautiful day to another,one experience to another. Tomorrow when the opportunity to travel healthily opens you will enjoy yourself way more than any other trip before.

Take a look at your photos from your favorite travel moments.As you look at yourself beaming with a smile,you are transported back to the spirit of joy.

Spirit of travel isn’t confined to the destination.It belongs to how you chose to expereince things,places and people around you.Look closely at a local person’s expression in your photo.They don’t think it is so exciting,to be there.Of course,they have been there, the entire life.We certainly don’t expect them to be excited right?

I suspect we have got it wrong. If we are travelling there to feel happy,the locals are coming to our home city to feel happy.It answers one thing for sure,travel is not the about the place only.

The opportunity here is as I said earlier,to deeply experience and be grateful for where you are right now.It will make us happier humans and better travellers.

There is abundance of beauty to be experienced right there,as you are reading this.Enjoy it.

Coming soon,next blog post about : Things to do when in a lockdown for trekkers.



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