Eco-friendly Office Products

7 Eco-friendly products for your Office

There’s no better time than now to make changes to your daily routine that are more ecologically friendly. Choosing Eco-friendly office products is a wonderful place to start. To begin greening your office, make a list of all the products you use and look for environmentally friendly alternatives

If a whole workplace makeover isn’t in the cards, consider replacing one or two items at a time. The following are some of the most eco-friendly office products on the market to assist you decrease your office’s carbon impact. We already shared how you can make your kitchen & bathroom eco-friendly, let’s move towards the office.

Eco-friendly office

Why you should go green with Office Supplies

Office supplies are a significant expense for businesses, accounting for 4 percent to 6 percent of overall expenditures. Paper accessories, organisers, writing stationery, furnishings, IT-related equipment, food and catering supplies, cleaning and educational office supplies, and so on are just a few examples.

Companies have found ways to include environmentally friendly procedures and alternatives for office supplies, lighting, building materials, and other items in recent years. The need for green office products has risen as a result.

The following are some of the advantages of adopting Eco-friendly office products:

  • Water, oil, landfill space, power, and timber may all be saved by recycling paper and plastic.
  • Recycled paper can help reduce the demand for wood while also helping to protect forests.
  • Any recycled office supplies that are utilised instead of metal, paper, or plastic can help to minimise solid waste diverted from landfills.

Using green office products can help a firm decrease its environmental footprint. Some green office products, such as copy paper, printers, and toners, might be more expensive than traditional alternatives.

Eco-friendly Office Products

Eco-friendly office products

Recycled paper or Notebook

Eco-friendly paper is exactly what it sounds like: a more environmentally friendly variant of regular paper with a lower carbon footprint and overall environmental effect. There are two types of environmentally friendly paper. The first is paper that has been recycled. The second type of paper is FSC-certified. Including one of these products in your house or business is a fantastic way to help the environment. Both kinds are readily available on the internet.

Instead of wood pulp from newly cut trees, recycled paper is created from post-consumer waste. This sort of paper may be made from a variety of paper items, including packaging and discarded notebooks. It’s simple to understand how extensive paper recycling may assist to minimise deforestation by producing more recycled paper that doesn’t require cutting down new trees. Deforestation is reduced, resulting in less habitat loss for species and more oxygen in the atmosphere.

More trees equal less pollution on a global scale because plants assist to filter particles from the air. However, according to The Guardian, paper recycling can do more than just preserve trees. In fact, recycling one tonne of paper saves 7,000 gallons of water and lowers greenhouse gas emissions by one tonne of carbon equivalent. You may take advantage of all the benefits that come with recycling paper goods by utilising recycled paper.

Recycled bamboo pen

It’s easy for pens to pile up on your desk and plastic trash to collect when you’re at work or studying. This pen, made of 80% grass and 20% recycled, BPA-free plastic, took A Good Company half a year to design. These pens, which are made in a facility powered by biogas and waste heat, can also be refilled, reducing waste.

Waste free paper clich

With this waste-free stapler from Paper Clinch, you’ll never need to buy staples again. Simply open the stapler, slip it to the corner of the piled paper, and press – the paper fastens with minimum force. Fastens to provide sheets of paper without the use of staples, allowing you to save money while also helping the environment.


Hand-made desk charging station

Handmade bamboo charging station with professional organiser dock to keep your workplace organised and clutter-free. Perfect for student and home offices, business offices, and reception desks, this is a great present for minimalists and tidy freaks. All electronic devices, including big computers, tablets, and smartphones, are supported, regardless of make or model.


Sustainable Pencils

Choose pencils manufactured from sustainable wood sources if you require a regular supply. Your staff will be able to use them with confidence, knowing they are not contributing to deforestation.

Flatback paper tape

Flatback Tape (also known as pressure-sensitive paper tape or kraft paper tape) is a high-performance packing, splicing, and tabbing tape. Under a wide variety of temperature and humidity conditions, it offers a rapid positive closure.

It can resist both extremes of cold and heat. The substance is kraft paper and modified starch, which is both recyclable and environmentally friendly. It’s a non-toxic, environmentally tasteless, acid-free, non-corrosive contact adhesive that’s recyclable, biodegradable, and repulpable.

Plantable Stationery combo set

Plantable stationery is a biodegradable eco-paper that is embedded with seeds and manufactured from post-consumer materials (no trees were damaged in the making of this paper!). The seeds sprout and the paper composts when it is placed in a container of soil. Flowers, herbs, and veggies are all that is left, with no waste.

How to plant them

2/3 fill your pot with excellent potting soil If required, tamp down the soil and add more if needed. You want the pot to be filled but not overflowing. You may plant the paper either indoors or outside, depending on the weather and circumstances at the time of planting (we don’t advocate planting outside if it’s blizzarding or scorching hot!).

Take your plantable paper and use it to cover the dirt in the prepared container. If the paper overlaps, that’s fine. Apply a 1/8-inch layer of soil to the plantable paper pieces and gently press it down.

Give the paper a thorough soak once you’ve planted it in your planter. You want the paper and soil to be somewhat moist but not drenched. Keep the paper wet at all times throughout the first 10 days. Water is required for germination.

Continue to keep the paper moist until sprouts develop, but don’t overwater it. Water as needed after strong plants have appeared. The photos below show the pot after a greeting card has been planted.


Using Eco-friendly office products can help a firm decrease its environmental footprint. Some green office products, such as copy paper, printers, and toners, might be more expensive than traditional alternatives. As a result, a company that wishes to switch to green office supplies may need to raise its budget for specific items. However, given the benefits, the investment is well worth it, and more and more businesses are expected to convert to Eco-friendly office products in the near future.


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