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Giant wheel ride in a Punjabi mela

We had just concluded a 14 days of watery fun at a Water sports course at Punjab-Himachal Pradesh border.For a change we eagerly went to a nearby Punjabi village’s mela.Here as soon as I saw the amusement rides my heart was set on the giant wheel. It used to be a mix of terrifying thrill and joy as gravity used to play its tricks during my childhood to ride this.So I hopped on with my buddies and held on tightly to the seats and this pic was when we were at the top and mysteriously giant wheel stopped there for some thrilling seconds and I looked down in joy at the little village buzz with mela activity and laughter from other amusement rides reaching us  merry makers up on the giant wheel.It was a moment which I cherish and was thankfully captured in a photo by my friend Urvin sitting beside me.


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