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The Great Indian Robbery

The Great Indian Robbery

of Rs.910,603,234,300,000(total scam amount) .A small gang of just 802 people went to each of the 1,220,200,000 Indians(our population) and robbed India of this mindblowing sum of money. 

Sorry,but this is just IMPOSSIBLE without the so called victims active and willing help in getting robbed.This gang of just 802 (Rajya sabha's 250 + Loksabha's 552) couldn't have lifted even a finger,if we,hadn't fully ,with total awareness,offered our complete help.

It's time to grow up,stop listening and more importantly stop believing in this "daaku aaya,chori kar ke bhag gaya "stories.

It's me and you,not "the politicians" who're the actual problem.

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