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50 days of Inspiration : Part 1


Photo by Mr.Tungesh

50 Days  as a Higher camp leader with YHAI for their epic Chanderkhani pass trek ,People ,young ,old,men and women happened to pass by my camp after facing the Chanderkhani pass challenge.

With the youngest and funkiest campleader Gaurang

The moments before sunrise

The sheperd's dogs

My penthouse in the forest

Some kept walking even after their friends gave up and returned. All had stretched their personal physical limits.And they still kept walking.

CP Warriors

We camp leaders are supposed to encourage them on the last part of their trek.Truth be told it was simply heart touching inspiration for me, to welcome 50 trekkers for 40 days straight.Why was it inspiring? These 50 faces,had faced steep Himalayan climbs,slippery snow,hunger and they did it after waking up at 2 am and for 12 grueling hours straight! 

Nauya tapru Camp being setup  before  CP 1 arrived

CP Warriors

CP Warriors

CP Warriors

Sparkling Manali night View  I looked at this view daily, but never really got over the oh my god it's so beautiful feeling
CP Warriors

CP Warriors

There were many silent precious moments I witnessed like...

Friendship :

When a friend was helping her fellow trekker step by step who had sprained her leg and was finding each step hard.Her friend stayed faithfully by her side for the entire trek.Would I do the same? I don't know,but will surely remember her face again, if it happens to me.

Guidesh Suresh,Rakesh and Campleader gaurang

Sheer Determination:

 A 65 year old man passed through my camp cheerfully, whereas his companions,people half his age were huffing and puffing,dramatically .He carried his backpack all by himself,and in repeatedly n a dignified polite refused help offered to him,to carry his backpack.

Continued in 50 days of  Inspiration : Part 2

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