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Most Hated video on the Internet

It's the most hated youtube video now, but what if a major imminent threat on U.S was stopped by this very NSA hated methods.Provided this is made public.Would the haters breathe easier ,now that the lives were safe.I don't want NSA listening in on me but hey if that's the price to protect my life.I would reluctantly pay it. Real question here is what is the quality of life that was just protected?

Do you believe me? when I say "Sooo easy"

" Very easy " :)

"Yeah sure Sir, very easy" I tell my mountaineering course instructor at Sikkim. All the while secretly muttering prayers under our breath for the strength to take just one more step forward.Just one.

Collectively we basic mountaineering course students refused to acknowledge that this one more step seemed to be going on forever. We had pushed ourselves much further than what we previously thought was physically possible.All the brave machismo talk we brandished, when we mountaineers first met each other had been unceremoniously dumped. We acknowledged silently that we were at our wits end, here on this mountain.A buddy climber, about to throw of his backpack and pray for a chopper to airlift him back to his comfy sofa,TV & popcorn was encouraged by a silent look from his fellow mountaineer.Without saying a word ,communicating "I know ,I know ...... let's go ,I think we are reaching the end".That mountain silently witnessed some great friendships that day.

We were all that we had to draw strength from.This fine morning we were concluding a 28 day long mountaineering course by climbing up higher and higher up this majestic but ominously named "B L A C K peak" (Sikkim) In my fertile imagination ,this mountain ,wrapped in stillness by near zero visibility fog was like Mount Mordor of  Lord of rings movie (non lord of ring fans ,its OK, I forgive you ,Mordor was where the bad guy lived) .I was of course the hero in my fantasy movie, climbing mordor to save mankind :) I was quickly brought back to reality by my mountaineering instructor shouting at me "Quit daydreaming, weathers getting worse, hurry up"

                            Black peak summit .....finally

   Black peak summit .....finally

The only ones calm and composed on that mountain,where the HMI Mountaineering instructors, I am convinced they are from a different planet altogether.Boulders which posed such insurmountable obstacles to our newbie mountaineering eyes where deftly handled by our instructors.Before we knew it, we all suddenly sensed it!It was near.... Oh my God at last ,we are the summit!  That moment was foreign to me ,all the pain,exhaustion and fear faced near life threatening heights ,so far on the climb, just fell away easily .A sense of heightened awareness of that 360 degree panoramic view flooded us.Yes, I would do that treacherous climb again in a heartbeat for that euphoric feeling on the summit.

Even we couldn't believed as we saw down and realized just how much further we had climbed.In the pic below,do you notice the small curved line,well that's the river from where we had started earlier that morning. So next time you see an adventurer pretend it was easy or they were not scared ,do not believe them.It's for the very fact that it's not easy and pretty scary, that we love doing it. Who knows maybe you will join me on my next mad trip ?  :)
                  Oh my god! We made it to the summit! Hurray :)

            Oh my god! We made it to the summit! Hurray :)

In defense of my movie fantasy ,where I am climbing  Mount Mordor.Just look at  this scene below from Lord of rings movie ,that's how Mordor looks.Doesn't it look like a climbing conquest you will tell your grandkids about huh?

MORDORRRRRRRR  play dramatic background music in your head while watching this :)

Two Zero 1 4

Happy Two Zero One Four

A new year, always brings along a promise of a better time.As a traveller my resolution for 2014 is to have a deeply immersive experience when travelling.I love being thrust into a new place and to absorb with wonder all the sights, smells, tastes and people it has to offer. I took this snap from a window in Agra fort  which has a view of Yamuna river and the Taj.Imagine those days when a mughal soldier from the fort chanced to look outside the window and soaked in the Taj's beautiful architecture.Did they have things called "new year resolutions" back in the year 1654? I wonder :) Looking forward to a 2014 filled with travel experiences like this.

Littlest Beauty

Littlest beauty which we miss when caught in the daily grind. Thanks to my camera and a beautiful garden my mother has nurtured lovingly in our home,these photos were captured.Lovely nature.

The Great Indian Robbery

‎*********The Great Indian Robbery *********

of Rs.910,603,234,300,000(total scam amount) .A small gang of just 802 people went to each of the 1,220,200,000 Indians(our population) and robbed India of this mindblowing sum of money. 

Sorry,but this is just IMPOSSIBLE without the so called victims active and willing help in getting robbed.This gang of just 802 (Rajya sabha's 250 + Loksabha's 552) couldn't have lifted even a finger,if we,hadn't fully ,with total awareness,offered our complete help.

It's time to grow up,stop listening and more importantly stop believing in this "daaku aaya,chori kar ke bhag gaya "stories.

It's me and you,not "the politicians" who're the actual problem.

Do something now that you enjoyed as a child :)

Giant wheel ride in a Punjabi mela

We had just concluded a 14 days of watery fun at a Water sports course at Punjab-Himachal Pradesh border.For a change we eagerly went to a nearby Punjabi village's mela.Here as soon as I saw the amusement rides my heart was set on the giant wheel. It used to be a mix of terrifying thrill and joy as gravity used to play its tricks during my childhood to ride this.So I hopped on with my buddies and held on tightly to the seats and this pic was when we were at the top and mysteriously giant wheel stopped there for some thrilling seconds and I looked down in joy at the little village buzz with mela activity and laughter from other amusement rides reaching us  merry makers up on the giant wheel.It was a moment which I cherish and was thankfully captured in a photo by my friend Urvin sitting beside me.

The Impossible : Movie review

The Impossible

True story of a family after tsunami hit them while they were vacationing.

This movie surprises you in many different ways.First surprise what would you expect a movie about the devastating tsunami to feel like? gloomy and a lot of screaming involved right.Wrong ! It's the strength of emotional bonds in family which shines through radiantly here.Some scenes show such overhwhelming gratitude,that you can't help but recollect and feel a wave of thankfulness for people who have helped you in trying times.What do hollywood movies in a disaster scenario have,that one action hero who save the day right? Wrong ! :) :) It's refreshing to notice how the family itself is the hero here,each member doing their own thing,going out of their way to bring the family together.Some simple lessons of reaching out and helping someone passed on by a mom to her son are so strong, that it leaves you feeling refreshed.I realise in the daily grind we tend to look away from these simple yet deeply profound qualities which are uncovered and put on the screen for you to soak  in ,fully absorb in and feel rejuvenated.

I wouldn't want to spoil the movie for you,Just watch it and watch it with your family,my wish for this week.

Nice to meet you

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This website is about insights into a young Indian's mindscape : I will be blogging about the most unique thing on the planet for me ........my life :) ,sharing the challenges faced in our daily lives,the decisions we make,the company we keep,jokes we share,the things we read,the movies we watch,the mistakes made,the corrections planned,the inspirations we look upto and the ambition driving us.

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