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Ladies..What your heart always knew !

Travel diary : Darjeeling

Travel diary : Darjeeling

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Travel diary : Mcleodganj

Travel diary : Mc leodganj

 Memories at The Tsuglagkhang Complex in McLeod Ganj (His Holiness Dalai Lama's Residence)
Post by Hitesh Kumar J.

Suggested reading for Travellers enchanted by Dharamshala

Pages from my travel diary: Pondicherry

Pages from my travel diary: Pondicherry. Here are some suggested reading before you take a trip there

Bangalore Marathon

Here’s a goal for you !

Run a marathon at the garden city.

Bangalore finally has an Annual city full marathon, a half marathon, corporate & college relay, college relay and a fun run targeted at new runners.

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Watch awestruck with mouth open !

"The driving skills ,the sheer presentation ......oh forget it............. words don't do justice to it.

Just watch !"

My salute to how the team wearing the logo below raises the standards of presenting their product

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What's a Jugaad ! ?

Jugaad or Juggaar is a Hindi-Urdu term widely used in India and Pakistan and by people of South Asian origin around the world. Jugaad (also sometimes jugarh or jugard) is a term applied to a creative or innovative idea providing a quick, alternative way of solving or fixing a problem. Jugaad literally means an improvised arrangement or work-around, which has to be used because of lack of resources.
The same term, Jugaad, is given to locally made motor vehicles, used mostly in small villages as a means of low-cost transportation in rural India. Carpenters make these vehicles by fitting a diesel engine on a cart.

A Jugad or Chakda as it is Known in Gujarat


Jugaad is also a colloquial Hindi word that can mean an innovative fix or a simple work-around,[6] sometimes pejoratively used for solutions that bend rules, or a resource that can be used as such, or a person who can solve a complicated issue. It is used as much to describe enterprising street mechanics as for political fixers. This meaning is often used to signify creativity to make existing things work or to create new things with meagre resources.

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A floating bargain

 In my recent trip to Kashmir, a place where its hard to resist putting your camera down.I chanced upon this floating market at Srinagar's famous Dal lake!

Daily groceries shop floats to your door step (Above)

A Kashmiri man puts up a charming sales pitch for his floating shop(Below)

 Highway,Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani , Jab Tak Hai Jaan ,Student of the Year
, Saat Khoon Maaf ,Rockstar , Mission Kashmir , Yahaan, Lamhaa,Jaanwar,Junglee,Kashmir Ki Kali,Roja,Jab Jab Phool Khile,Silsila,Shaurya,Tahaan,Sikander,Kabhi Kabhie,Lakshya and
Dil se

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Most Disliked video on the Internet

It's the most hated youtube video now, but what if a major imminent threat on U.S was stopped by this very NSA hated methods.Provided this is made public.Would the haters breathe easier ,now that the lives were safe.

 I don't want NSA listening in on me but hey if that's the price to protect my life.I would reluctantly pay it. Real question here is what is the quality of life that was just protected?

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Do you believe me? when I say "Sooo easy"

" Very easy " :)

"Yeah sure Sir, very easy" I tell my mountaineering course instructor at Sikkim. All the while secretly muttering prayers under our breath for the strength to take just one more step forward.Just one.

Collectively we basic mountaineering course students refused to acknowledge that this one more step seemed to be going on forever. We had pushed ourselves much further than what we previously thought was physically possible.All the brave machismo talk we brandished, when we mountaineers first met each other had been unceremoniously dumped. We acknowledged silently that we were at our wits end, here on this mountain.A buddy climber, about to throw of his backpack and pray for a chopper to airlift him back to his comfy sofa,TV & popcorn was encouraged by a silent look from his fellow mountaineer.Without saying a word ,communicating "I know ,I know ...... let's go ,I think we are reaching the end".That mountain silently witnessed some great friendships that day.

We were all that we had to draw strength from.This fine morning we were concluding a 28 day long mountaineering course by climbing up higher and higher up this majestic but ominously named "B L A C K peak" (Sikkim) In my fertile imagination ,this mountain ,wrapped in stillness by near zero visibility fog was like Mount Mordor of  Lord of rings movie (non lord of ring fans ,its OK, I forgive you ,Mordor was where the bad guy lived) .I was of course the hero in my fantasy movie, climbing mordor to save mankind :) I was quickly brought back to reality by my mountaineering instructor shouting at me "Quit daydreaming, weathers getting worse, hurry up"

                            Black peak summit .....finally

   Black peak summit .....finally

The only ones calm and composed on that mountain,where the HMI Mountaineering instructors, I am convinced they are from a different planet altogether.Boulders which posed such insurmountable obstacles to our newbie mountaineering eyes where deftly handled by our instructors.Before we knew it, we all suddenly sensed it!It was near.... Oh my God at last ,we are the summit!  That moment was foreign to me ,all the pain,exhaustion and fear faced near life threatening heights ,so far on the climb, just fell away easily .A sense of heightened awareness of that 360 degree panoramic view flooded us.Yes, I would do that treacherous climb again in a heartbeat for that euphoric feeling on the summit.

Even we couldn't believed as we saw down and realized just how much further we had climbed.In the pic below,do you notice the small curved line,well that's the river from where we had started earlier that morning. So next time you see an adventurer pretend it was easy or they were not scared ,do not believe them.It's for the very fact that it's not easy and pretty scary, that we love doing it. Who knows maybe you will join me on my next mad trip ?  :)
                  Oh my god! We made it to the summit! Hurray :)

            Oh my god! We made it to the summit! Hurray :)

In defense of my movie fantasy ,where I am climbing  Mount Mordor.Just look at  this scene below from Lord of rings movie ,that's how Mordor looks.Doesn't it look like a climbing conquest you will tell your grandkids about huh?

MORDORRRRRRRR  play dramatic background music in your head while watching this :)

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